About Kango

We believe in families: working families, playing families, from-here-to-there-to-everywhere families. We celebrate the hard-working parents who continue to chase their dreams and the kids who are just discovering what their dreams are. As parents ourselves, we believe the entire family should be able to do the things they love without compromising the people they love, so we created Kango, a service that rethinks what it means to provide rides and childcare for kids.

Whichever direction you’re headed, we care about getting you there.


Sara Schaer Cofounder and CEO

This is Sara's third startup. She joined Snapfish.com as Product Manager #2 in 2000, and grew it from a free rollscanning service in the US, to a global digital photo and video e-commerce company operating in 22 countries, pre-and post-acquisition by HP. She ran a global product team which spanned 3 continents. Sara left in 2011 in order to pursue her own product idea. She holds a BA in Political Science from Stanford University and an MBA from the ESSEC School of Business in Paris, France.

Kaliyuga Sivakumar (aka Siva): Cofounder and CTO

A versatile engineer with extensive experience building scalable systems, Siva designed and built Snapfish.com's cloud-based, custom photo and video storage. It currently manages 11 PetaBytes of data. Prior to Snapfish, Siva was at Sun Microsystems. He holds a BS and Masters degrees in Computer Science.