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Kango named “Best ‘Uber for Kids 2017

29058_BestOfLogo_Winner_SANF0517_FINAL (1)

Kango was delighted to be awarded “Best Uber for Kids” by San Francisco Magazine, in its July 2017 “Best of the Bay” issue!

You can find the review below, and in the online magazine here under “Family:”

“Uber for Kids: Kango
Kango’s babysitters on wheels make it possible for parents to schlep their kids across town without actually doing any schlepping. Drivers are verified as both drivers (DMV record checks, vehicle inspections) and babysitters (periodic background checks, sitter training). The minimum fare is $16, and babysitting rates are $15 to $20 per hour, with a $9 monthly subscription fee. The best part? Kids don’t have to have phones of their own; you communicate with the driver through yours.”

Winners in each category were determined after anonymous testing of multiple services by San Francisco Magazine’s editors. You can read more about their stringent selection process here.

Kango’s co-founder and CEO Sara Schaer and several Kango team members enjoyed San Francisco Magazine’s “Best of the Bay” party extravaganza on June 22nd at the Pier 27 Cruise Ship Terminal on the city’s waterfront.


Thank you to San Francisco Magazine for the award!

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Kango Rides and Care serves San Francisco Bay Area

Kango_GirlGettingInCar (1)

Does your family need safe rides – with or without childcare – for kids who are going places?
Kango is here to help.

We currently serve the San Francisco Bay Area, including the following locations :

  • San Francisco
  • Peninsula
  • South Bay/San Jose
  • East Bay – Berkeley/Oakland/Alameda/El Cerrito/Albany
  • East Bay – San Leandro/Castro Valley/Hayward
  • East Bay – Contra Costa/Concord/Lafayette/Orinda
  • East Bay – TriValley/Dublin/Pleasanton/
  • Marin (Sausalito/Tiburon/Mill Valley/Corte Madera)

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area, but not sure if there are Kango drivers and sitters near you? Or, perhaps you don’t see “Book a Driver” or “Book a Sitter” on your Home screen in the app?

Check that your address is entered in the Kango app (it won’t be shared or displayed publicly) – and enter it, if it isn’t. To do this, go to the Me screen, tap Settings (on iPhone, the “gear” icon in top left corner), tap “Account” and update your address. Then return to the Home screen. If you’re in our service area, you should see “Book a Driver” and “Book a Sitter” on Home.

Need assistance? Please email us at support@kangoapp.co


The Kango Team

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Kango app has a new look, new features for Spring!


Spring is in the air and your family has places to go!

We’ve refreshed the Kango look-and-feel and added new features that will make booking safe rides and care for your kids a breeze, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re elsewhere, you’ll still see our new look – and some of the new features will come in handy for organizing carpools and playdates too! Download the new Kango iPhone app today, right here! *

In the San Francisco Bay Area :

New for Parents :

  • Use the new tappable calendar when booking drivers and sitters – tap to select as many dates as you need in a single request
  • Add more info about your kids in their profiles – including whether you’d like us to provide a booster or forward-facing car seat for the ride. You can use the “Special Instructions” field to add a secret passcode for the driver to say to your child at pickup, if desired.
  • Passengers now receive a text message from the driver when she has arrived at the pickup location (if their mobile number was entered in their profile). This message contains a link to driver and vehicle information and photos
  • Browse local driver and sitter profiles right from the redesigned Home screen
  • Scan the status of each of your requests at a glance in the enhanced Schedule screen
  • More coming soon!

New for Kango Drivers :

  • Find new jobs easily in the enhanced Feed screen – potential earnings for each job are highlighted in pink
  • Get all the info your need about a job in the newly redesigned driver and sitter request details screens
  • Visit each child’s enhanced profile screen to see larger photos, booster or car seat requirements, mobile number (if entered) and special instructions (including a secret passcode if entered). Easily get the info you need in a single place!
  • For rides: Tap the new “I’ve arrived” button when you arrive at the requested pickup location for the ride. A text message will automatically be sent to the mobile numbers of all passengers listed on the ride, telling them you are there to pick them up. The text includes a link to view ride info including your name, profile photo and vehicle photo.
  • More coming soon!

Have questions? Contact Kango support by emailing us at support@kangoapp.co or call us at (415) 494-9957

Happy Hopping!

The Kango Team

*the Android app will be updated soon

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Kango: A New Name in the New Year!


Happy New Year!

We wish you and your family a terrific start to 2016.

2015 was an incredible year for KangaDo, as we honed in on the best ways to help busy parents manage their equally busy families, and keep everyone on track with where they need to go. 

In San Francisco, we launched a new service to connect local parents with safe, pre-screened, fingerprinted drivers and sitters for their kids. What started as a limited pilot program has grown. We have found our niche as the Rides and Care service for kids of all ages (from preschool to high school!) that values personal service, safety and kindness above all else.

In 2016, we are thrilled at the prospect of expanding our Rides and Care service beyond San Francisco.

Indeed, we believe in families. Working families, playing families, from-here-to-there-to-everywhere families. Families are busier than ever, and what they can accomplish has never been greater. We celebrate families and support parents and kids striving to have it all.

Whichever direction you’re headed, we care about getting you there.

So, we are changing our name to Kango! We see exciting activities and opportunities on the horizon – for you and for your kids. We believe the new name reflects our values and dedication to being the service that helps families get wherever they need to go. (And it’s a little easier to guess how many ‘o’ s are in Kango!).

Thank you for trusting us to share in your family’s journey.

Best Wishes,

The Kango Team
Kango: For families going places.

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3 Thoughts for a Zen Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

We at KangaDo wish you a wonderful day, and commend you for all the amazing things you do for your families!

No matter how you choose to spend Mother’s Day, here are 3 suggested topics to reflect on – when you get a bit of peace and quiet :) We hope they bring you a moment of calm and perspective.

1. Yourself :

Give yourself a hearty pat on the back, Mom!

Motherhood can be all-consuming. Think about what YOU need, in order to be the person (and Mom) you want to be? What regenerates your energy and preserves your sanity: Yoga? Exercise? Meditation? More help with the kids? Whatever it is, make a resolution to schedule it at regular intervals starting now, if it’s not already on the calendar. It’s better for everyone, when Mom has a way to stay zen!

2. Your Family :

They really do grow up so quickly! Take a moment to reflect on your kid(s), and the people they are becoming. What is one thing you’d like to do or talk about with each of them? It could be as simple as an overdue heart-to-heart chat, or as ambitious as visiting a far-off country they are curious about. And, even if your daily time with them is limited due to activities and packed schedules, resolve to be fully present in the moments you are together.

3. Things to be Grateful for : 

Everyday life with kids is full of unplanned, sometimes stressful events. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, something else happens! But thinking about what we have and what we are grateful for, puts it all in perspective.

What are the 3 things you are most grateful for, as a Mom?

Happy Mother’s Day!

– the KangaDo Team



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5 Tips to Survive Spring Break


As parents, we all too often look up and realize that another month has gone by. Or another season! Whether your Spring Break is over, in progress or coming up, here are 5 tips to keep the kids busy this time of year:

1. Plan Playdates
Before the break, find out which of your child’s friends will be in town. Set up a fun playdate in advance, especially outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather. Everyone will look forward to it!

2. Discover a New Park 
Tired of always visiting the same playground? Venture out of your neighborhood and have a picnic somewhere new. Explore a new walking or bike trail. You’ll find a new family favorite!

3. Play Sports
Kids who are already signed up for Little League or other sports may have physical activity on their spring schedule. But it’s still fun to be active as a family!

4. Take a Weekday Day Trip
Ask the kids whether there’s somewhere within range that they’ve always wanted to go. It could be a destination such as a museum or restaurant in the next town – or even an amusement park that’s tough to navigate in weekend traffic.

5. Get a Sitter
Especially when you will be spending extended periods of time on “kid duty,” plan a break for yourself!  Even if you don’t think it will be necessary at the time, you’ll be glad you did.

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Why SF Parents Love Using KangaDo for Childcare & Rides


Curious about KangaDo’s new Sitters & Drivers beta service? Check us out and request a KangaDo Sitter or Driver today for all of your family’s needs. Don’t take our word for it, here’s why local San Francisco moms and dads love KangaDo!

Our Sitters & Drivers Service is simple, reliable, and warm:

“I travel quite a bit, so using KangaDo to help drive the kids to school when I am gone is a tremendous help! It is important to me that all the drivers have high level background and driving skills checked, plus they are all skilled caretakers. They are held to a higher standard than most car service companies! That makes this service so unique!”

“Life Saver! Ok, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic but seriously KangaDo came through in a pinch when my babysitter couldn’t pick my kids up from school to get them where they needed to go and then safely home. Awesome and much needed service for us busy parents! <3”

“I am very impressed with your [service] – fast, practical, real, warm. I really appreciated that you set me up late last night. You won me over. We will stay with you from now on. Just a simple note to say thank you!”

Our Sitters & Drivers are responsible, engaging, and really great with kids:

“Thank you for getting my kids from school to their afterschool program. We appreciated the play by play – and stories for the kids! KangaDo is a terrific resource for parents. Are you available next Thursday too?”

“My daughter had a great time with her Sitter. She was on time, very responsible, and my daughter really liked her as they played actively together. Thanks for making the sitter coverage part of last evening so easy!”

“We had a very good experience with our Sitter overall – she was right on time and immediately connected with my daughter. She definitely kept her engaged – they made a salad, played cards and talked about our Sitter’s dog. We would definitely hire her again!”

Get Started With 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Download KangaDo app on iPhone & Android
  2. Register with a valid San Francisco address
  3. On the Homescreen, tap on the Sitters or Drivers buttons to request Childcare or Rides

Already a KangaDo parent? Update KangaDo app to access our new Homescreen.

Questions? Contact us at support@kangadoapp.com or visit our FAQ page. Request your Sitter or Driver today!

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KangaDo Sitters and Drivers Beta Service now open in San Francisco!

San Francisco parents can now directly access KangaDo’s Sitters and Drivers beta service after downloading KangaDo app.
Only while availability lasts, so schedule your childcare and rides today!

Here’s what one KangaDo parent said about her recent Ride request:
“Life saver! Ok, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but seriously KangaDo came through in a pinch when my babysitter couldn’t pick up my kids from school to get them where they needed to go and then safely home. Awesome and much needed service for us busy parents!”

What’s new in KangaDo’s Sitters and Drivers beta:

  • Making a request is a breeze
    Request a Sitter or Driver right from the Homescreen.
  • No need for cash
    Save your credit card and view a cost estimate for each Request.
  • Directly access the beta after downloading the app

During the beta, rides start at $10 each and childcare starts at $15/hour. Receive a complimentary Sitter Interview or Driver Trial Run with your first request! Learn more about KangaDo pricing here.

Join our Beta Today:

Download KangaDo app on iPhone or Android
On the Homescreen, tap to request a Sitter or Driver. You’ll be prompted to access the beta service and enter your credit card before requesting Childcare or Rides.

Parents already in KangaDo
Click here to update KangaDo app for the latest version of the app and to access our newest features.

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Meet Our Sitters: Ashley & Christina!

Welcome to our second installment of Meet Our Sitters! Today we are showcasing two more of our amazing Sitters – Ashley D. and Christina W.

Both Ashley and Christina are experienced childcare professionals, who also drive. With KangaDo, getting your kids from A to B, or scheduling extra childcare help has never easier!


Ashley is an Economics student at San Francisco State University. Her first babysitting experiences were caring for her younger siblings (now 7 and 14). After moving to San Francisco, she started babysitting professionally with a family of 3 energetic boys.

While nannying for a wonderful boy starting from age 9 months until age 4, Ashley developed an incredible bond with L. She recalls a moment at the park when another child asked, “Is that your mom?” and L responded, “No! That’s my Ashley!”

What Ashley’s past clients say about her:

  • “Ashley was very patient. To this day my son says he misses SF because he misses Ashley.”
  • “Ashley carried out orders to a ‘T.’ She was firm and gentle. You can see she is inherently caring.”

In her free time, Ashley enjoys dancing, reading, and hanging out with friends. Did we mention she’s also an amazing singer?

Ashley is available most evenings after class and weekends. Your child will look forward to catching a ride in Ashley’s bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle!


Christina, AKA “Supermom,” is a mom of 3 boys with 16 years of babysitting experience. From a young age, she knew she had a connection with kids and loves seeing little minds learn and explore.

A native San Franciscan, Christina (and her entire family) are faithful 49ers and Giants fans. She loves spending time with her boys outdoors with trips to neighborhood parks and walks around the city, and indoors with games and drawing.

Christina has a degree in Culinary Arts and currently attends California Nursing Institute. She’s a Certified Nursing Assistant and trained in CPR, First Aid, and Home Health Aide, Safety, and Sanitation.

What Christina’s past clients love about her:

  • “Christina is very loving and caring with the kids. She is so interactive with them, and always makes sure they’re not bored. My daughter always says: “I want to go to Christina.”
  • “Christina is great with children and I trust her 100%. She is very reliable and very flexible. I feel very safe with my daughter being with Christina.”
  • “If you consider Christina, just go for it. She’s the perfect babysitter for my daughter and nephews. She’s like Superwoman. I don’t know how she can do it – I call her Supermom.”

Christina lives up to her nickname. She has a flexible schedule, drives a Toyota Sienna, and even has extra strollers and carseats!

Learn more about our Sitters: Click into our “Sitters and Drivers” group in KangaDo app to view their profiles!

How to make a request: Simply update KangaDo app to the latest version, and find our “Sitters & Drivers” group in your “Me” Profile page. Click into the group and tap on Childcare or Ride to make a request.

Not yet a KangaDo user? Download KangaDo on iPhone or Android and fill out this form. We’ll let you know when you’re in the beta!

Interested in joining us as a Sitter or Driver? We’re always looking for great Sitters & Drivers. If you’re an experienced babysitter, nanny, teacher or mom, sign up here.

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New Year, New Schedule: 4 Reasons To Request A Sitter or Driver in KangaDo


Happy 2015, KangaDo Parents! In San Francisco and just found out your child’s sports practice is at the other end of town?

Make the rest of the year easy by scheduling safe and friendly childcare and rides for your kid in KangaDo. Here are 4 reasons why you can make your childcare or ride request with peace of mind:

    1. You need help with scheduling – and we have trustworthy helpers!
      Whether it’s weekly afterschool pickup or Valentine’s Day date night, our sitters are here to help. They are caring individuals with years of childcare experience and spotless background/reference checks. NEW! Receive a free trial run and sitter interview with your first request.


    1. Make a request in under 30 seconds.
      We timed it – it’s that easy and fast! Both childcare and ride requests can be recurring or occasional.


    1. Our tools give you peace of mind.
      Chat messaging, photo sharing, real time location tracking, and timely notifications give you easy access to updates during your entire booking.


  1. No cash? No problem.
    Pay your sitter via credit card through the app. No need to worry about carrying cash or last minute rushing to the ATM.

Ready to unload some of your to do’s?

Interested SF Parents:
Download KangaDo app and sign up here to join our beta service waitlist. If you have an immediate need, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you and help out!

Already a KangaDo beta user?
Make a request with these simple steps: How Do I Make a Childcare or Ride Request?

Happy Hopping from the KangaDo Team!

If you have any questions, email us at support@kangadoapp.com.

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