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Back to School App Updates from KangaDo! Best Carpool Matches and More

Summer is in full swing, and we hope the kids are busy at camp, at play, or on vacation. But Back to School is right around the corner! KangaDo is delighted to share that we’ve just released a back-to-school-friendly app

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5 Tips for Managing End-of-SchoolYear Mayhem

Does it feel like Mother’s Day just flew by – and now, all of a sudden, the kids are almost out of school? At this time of year, parents of (pre)school-age children juggle a seemingly endless flurry of potlucks, teacher meetings,

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How to Manage (and Survive!) Your Kids’ Activity Schedule

Spring is here! And with it, a new season of youth sports and activities. While we are delighted to see the little ones have fun and enjoy the warmer weather, keeping up with sports and activity schedules can be challenging

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3 Tips To Stay Zen in 2014

Is your New Year off to a hectic start? Here are some ways to save time and reduce stress on even the craziest days! Create a support network with other parents : We’ve all had those nightmare days when everything

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